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The Side Biz Success Coach, LLC gave birth to The Side Biz Academy in 2019, "SBA" as we call it, is a faith-fueled membership  (sisterhood) designed to help Purpose-Driven Sidebizpreneurs like yourself leverage Content Marketing Strategies and Amp UP your Accountability, so that you can connect with your ideal audience, boost engagement, and sell your products and services. 


Lisa - IG @FavFabFlyBoutique
I attended Crystal's first event, and it changed my life. I always knew that I had a passion for fashion and all things style; however, I didn't have the confidence or even the desire to launch my boutique. Well, membership in AMPLIFY and The Side Biz Academy gave me the boost I needed to launch my business, build my confidence, own my voice, be accountable to my goals, and walk-in my genius. The Academy has taught me how to strategically position my brand, create content that captures the attention of my ideal audience, and sell my products and services without feeling like I'm confused and all over the place. 
Sherrie - IG @TheTherapyBarCandles
When I started working with Crystal inside of AMPLIFY, I was determined to make my candle business successful; however, I didn't know how to make all of the pieces fit together. Crystal shared so much knowledge with me...and I was determined to implement everything that she shared. I later joined The Side Biz Academy Membership, and my business once again elevated a notch. The electricity inside of the sisterhood will leave you speechless! Inside of the Academy, Crystal consistently teaches us how to leverage content marketing, show up as our best selves, and sell our products and services without the need to compromise our faith! 
Doretta - IG @wearthepromise
I had the idea to start my business in 2019. I found Crystal on IG and started following her page. I followed for a while and absorbed the info that she was putting out. When I joined The Side Biz Academy is when I jumped into action! Within two weeks of joining, I applied for my business license and launched my business. The Academy is full of positive and supportive like-minded entrepreneurs who encourage and challenge each other to hit the next level in their business. If you are looking to launch your business and don't know where to start, or just need that push of motivation and accountability to keep going, the Academy is definitely for you!

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Our blog is dedicated to sharing content marketing and accountability related strategies that will help you launch, grow, and monetize your business.

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