AMPLIFY is an individualized coaching program tailored for new and emerging Sidebizpreneurs!

Sound like you...
  • Having a hard time staying focused on your side biz?
  • You can see your BIG PICTURE; however, you can't seem to remain on track or get on track to accomplish your goals?
  • You need help mapping out at an exact strategic plan to manifest your goal of launching, growing, and monetizing your biz?
  • Tired of giving in to procrastination, perfectionist paralysis, time thieves, negative thinking, and excuses.
  • You NEED some 1-on-1 HELP to keep you moving forward with your Side Biz dreams?
  • You need an accountability partner that will provide support, resources and strategic guidance
Now, imagine what it would be like if...
  • You remained focused and on track to crush your goals each week.
  • You were organized, efficient, and productive every day.
  • You had a step-by-step strategic plan to follow.
  • You had someone holding your feet to the fire to ensure you remained true to your commitments. 
  • You had a strategic partner that was invested in your business success. 
  • Your business was up and running on all cylinders...and PROFITABLE!
The Amplify Coaching Experience is an individualized accountability program that is tailored to keep you on track and committed to your goals and the overall success of your business. 

What can you expect
  • Session One: We evaluate where you are and begin the process of developing  strategic profit /game plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Two (2)  45-minute Virtual Accountability Sessions per Month:  We review your progress, celebrate your wins, provide feedback, critique, direction and formulate a plan to overcome any challenges. In addition, we also set your goals and objectives that you will focus on until our next session. (prior to each session, you complete a meeting prep form to ensure we hit the ground running during the session) (The session are hosted via Zoom Conferencing by which we also screen share and review your projects/tasks).
Investment To Participate without Private Facebook Group Support: $297.00 per month 
AMPLIFY ELITE: Investment To Participate w/ Private Facebook Group Support: $597.00 per month
Amplify Elite allows you to communicate with your coach and receive assistance and feedback on assignments in-between sessions via a private Facebook Support Group. 

Focus + Clarity + Strategy + Action + Accountability = Extraordinary RESULTS! 
Let's put an end to procrastination, hang your excuses on the shelf, and get you the extraordinary results you deserve! 
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