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For the Side Biz CEO that's not looking for a quick hack; however, understands the importance of organic engagement to reach her target audience.
Instagram Engagement Services informational Video

Instagram Engagement Service

Engagement is the most important metric of Instagram these days. It's not the size of your following that matters, it is the level of engagement and interaction with your audience that will determine if your audience will become clients. 

How does the Beta service work?

  • We engage with your targeted audience manually:

  • 15-minutes per day (6 days per week) (No Sundays)

  • Review your most recent (3) posts

  • Review and respond to comments received within 24-hours

  • Engage with pages that engage with your posts, follow your page, utilize related hashtags, and engage with your stories (like and comment genuinely (not just emojis)

  • We do not utilize bots or any other automated tools

What are the benefits?

There are NO promised or guaranteed results. The results below are not guaranteed or promised; however, over time, combined with the right content and marketing strategy increasing your engagement can lead to:

  • Getting noticed more (profile visits)

  • Connecting with a more targeted niche-specific audience

  • Increased account reach 

  • Potential increase in your website traffic (conversions)

What time will we engage on my page?

A member of The Side Biz Success Coach, LLC staff will:

  • Engage on your page 15-mins daily Mon-Sat (no Sundays) 

  • Anytime between 5:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST

What's needed to participant:

  • Complete information form below

  • Submit payment (subscribe to the service)

  • Official start date: April 1, 2022


To secure your Beta Test spot for the Instagram Engagement Service, please complete the form below AND then click HERE OR the button below to setup your monthly recurring payment. Once your payment clears, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours with additional details. *Your username and password is secured and not shared with anyone. *Your direct messages are not opened/viewed by our team. *No confidential or proprietor information is released with any outside parties. 

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